We wish to extend a warm and excited welcome to you. We have looked forward to your visit. We thought that you might like to know a little about the perspective from/by which this website has been developed.

What we believe and what we espouse is based on evidence-based practice and is supported by current research. While members of Lamaze International and Doulas of North America International and much of the class content has been influenced by Lamaze doctrine, we are a free thinkers and agents. Consequently this website embraces other acclaimed birthing philosophies, orientations, and beliefs as well as that of Lamaze International.

         As childbirth educators, we believe our responsibility is to educate and to empower childbearing couples to make informed birthing and parenting choices. We hope also, that by becoming informed consumers, parents themselves will become advocates for natural, healthy and safe birthing practices.

As birth doulas, our role is that of protector and supporter of the decisions a mother makes regarding her labor. Our objective is to offer wise counsel, continuous labor support, and to minister to the physical, mental and spiritual needs to the birthing mother and family in a caring way.

         As strong advocates for breastfeeding success, we attempt to prepare families for a positive breastfeeding experience. Breastfeeding success is dependent upon prenatal education and preparation for breastfeeding, newborns remaining with their mothers at all times, and the commitment of healthcare givers to support healthy mother and baby friendly breast feeding practices.

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